Ana Debón Aucejo

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Ana Debón

Dra. Ana Debón Aucejo is Associate Professor of the UPV and member of the “Departamento de Estadística e I.O. Aplicadas y Calidad”. Currently is Vice-dean for Quality, Innovation and Infrastructures of the Faculty of Administration and Management and Lecturer in the Master in Big Data Analytics of the UPV.

Ana Debón is an Associate Professor at the Department of Statistics of the “Universitat Politècnica de Valencia,” Spain. She holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics. She has been a Visiting Researcher at the Concordia University (Canada) and at the Cass Business School (UK). Her research is focused on the field of statistics (Modeling and Forecasting mortality) with actuarial applications. Her work has appeared in leading journals such as North American Actuarial Journal, Insurance, Mathematics, and Economics or European Actuarial Journals.

Ana Debón has also made collaborations that have paid off in research for models of human reproduction using methodology learned in my previous publications. Finally, her participation in national and international congresses and projects and research contracts, which are exciting experiences such as the publication of a book (Dynamic Mortality Tables, ICO Foundation Ed). Projects in which Ana Debón have participated as a research team and other as a leading researcher (from 2013 to 2017 entitled “Diferencias de longevidad en la Unión Europea: aplicación de nuevos métodos para su evaluación y análisis”).

Asignaturas impartidas:
1. Grado en Administración y Dirección de Empresas
Métodos Estadísticos para la Economía (semestre 2A)

  1. Máster Universitario en Ingeniería de Análisis de Datos, Mejora de Procesos y Toma de Decisiones

Minería de Datos (MD) (semestre B)

En este título de postgrado:

Herramientas Estadísticas para el Big Data

Datos de contacto

Teléfono:  +34 96 387 7007 exts. 74961 | 88206

Email: andeau@eio.upv.es