José Hernández Orallo

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José Hernández Orallo

Dr. José Hernández Orallo is Professor of the UPV and member of VRAIN, the Valencian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence. Currently he is the director of the data science studies (bachelor’s degree) at UPV.

José Hernández-Orallo is Professor at the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia. He received a B.Sc. and a M.Sc. in Computer Science from UPV, partly completed at the École Nationale Supérieure de l’Électronique et de ses Applications (France), and a Ph.D. in Logic with a doctoral extraordinary prize from the University of Valencia. His academic and research activities have spanned several areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science and information systems. He has published five books and more than a hundred journal articles and conference papers on these topics. His research in the area of machine intelligence evaluation has been covered by several popular outlets, such as The Economist, New Scientist or Nature. His most recent book addresses an integrated view of the evaluation of natural and artificial intelligence (Cambridge University Press, 2017, PROSE Award 2018). He has introduced item response theory and other evaluation methods in machine learning, and he is also active in proposing new methodologies for data science.

Asignaturas impartidas:
Grado en Ingeniería Informática (UPV): Sistemas de Información Estratégicos

Grado de Ciencia de Datos (UPV): Bases de Datos y Sistemas de Información

Máster en Ingeniería Informática (UPV): “Data Science”

EDX (UPV): “Aprendizaje automático y ciencia de datos”

Máster en Inteligencia Artificial (UIMP-AEPIA). “Ciencia de datos y aprendizaje automático”

En este título de postgrado:

Introducción al Business Intelligence

Datos de contacto

Teléfono:  +34 96 387 7007 exts. 73585

Email: jorallo@ upv.es
Página personal: http://josephorallo.webs.upv.es/